3 Basic “Decision Ready” Safety Tips

Perhaps this has happened to you: You wait nervously in the conference room for the executive so you can present your new product idea.  Twelve minutes late to the 30 minute meeting the executive vice president of marketing and vice president of product development rush into the room and hastily sit down amid profuse apologies … Continue reading 3 Basic “Decision Ready” Safety Tips


An Innovative Idea’s Most Valuable Three Sentences

Innovation is about putting new ideas into use. A value proposition links your innovative idea with enduring customer needs and your ability to deliver. Building a powerful three sentence value proposition Having researched, taught, developed, and used value propositions for decades we have developed a simple method to array your information about an innovative idea … Continue reading An Innovative Idea’s Most Valuable Three Sentences

Where Do Value Propositions Come From?

Value propositions are the core of all business opportunities but where do value propositions come from?  A value proposition is an idea (the recognition that something has commercial value) embedded in enduring customer needs and in your company’s ability to deliver it to the market. Ideas are not value propositions We all have ideas – … Continue reading Where Do Value Propositions Come From?