New Product Success

New product success is the result of a way of looking at the world that is worth sharing. We know the frustrations found when taking on the complex task of creating value through development of a new product idea. In our work life we’ve developed successful new products and businesses. In this blog we carry on the dialogue about insights on new product success we’ve shared with each other over the past 20 years.

A Bit About Us

George Castellion I’m a consultant who, when I was a kid, had Sherlock Holmes as my hero. Unlike Holmes, who used both face-to-face and the phone in his elicitation work, I use the phone exclusively. Among benefits of phone elicitation in a product idea’s ecosystem are:
– Quicker to reach knowledgable people for elicitation conversation
– Greater openness of the conversation
– Much lower cost

Before beginning my consulting practice in 1985, I was an inventor, a technology manager, and a marketing manager. Steve and I met while managing the Product Development & Management Association’s Frontier Dialogues in the 1990s. I also blog at www.georgecastellion.com

Steve Markham I’m a serial entrepreneur, product developer, large corporation consultant and professor of Management, Innovation and Entrepreneurship at North Carolina State University. I specialize in technology management. My research interests include champions of innovation and early stage corporate innovation systems. George and I have been researching, writing, planning and practicing product development for more than 25 years.