New Product Success

For more than 25 years we’ve have shared with each other insights on product success. This blog continues the dialogue.

A Bit About Us

George Castellion

George Castellion: I’m a B2B customer research elicitor and analyst. Sherlock Holmes was my hero when I was a kid,. Unlike Holmes, who used both face-to-face and the phone in his elicitation work, I use the phone only. Among benefits of phone elicitation are:
– Quick to reach knowledgable people for elicitation conversation
– Great openness of the conversation
– Much lower cost

I began my consulting practice in 1985. Before that I was an inventor, a technology manager, and a marketing director.
I also blog at http://www.georgecastellion.com

Cropped Steve Photo

Steve Markham: I’m a serial entrepreneur, product developer, and large corporation consultant. Since 2016 I’ve been Sr. VP, Global Strategy and Portfolio at Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions, Inc. Before that I was at North Carolina State University. At NCSU I was professor of Management, Innovation and Entrepreneurship. I specialize in technology management. My research interests include champions of innovation and early stage corporate innovation systems. George and I have been researching, writing, planning and practicing product development for more than 25 years.